Arrival From Sweden and ABBA Original Musicians

The Swedish Super Group - ABBA

ABBA is Swedens biggest music export ever, with almost 400 million records sold. The musical and movie “MAMMA MIA ” is a world hit sensation. Play Station ABBA Sing Star is a great success and “ABBA The Museum” opened up in 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden

ABBA is the greatest pop group of all, only compared with Elvis and the Beatles. ABBA started in 1971 and ended as a group in1982. Their legacy will live forever. The music, the passion and happiness will continue through their fantastic music, from generation to generation. ABBA is and will always be loved by the whole world.

The 12 piece band ARRIVAL FROM SWEDEN – The Worlds Biggest ABBA Tribute Show

I ARRIVAL From Sweden is one of the world’s most popular and bestselling ABBA show bands and since the start in 1995, the production has toured 48 nations and appeared in several TV – and radio shows all over the world.

SwedTunes International AB would like to thank

….ABBA, the ABBA Original Musicians and all the people we have worked with over the years, and all of you out there, who support the production and has done all these years! We feel blessed doing all the concerts making people dance and sing, and most of all making everyone happy. That is the meaning of this show.

As long as the audience wants us to do concerts we will continue forever! We love you all! The music of the Swedish pop group ABBA will live forever!